11 days ago Tobias Sachs0.18: make '@@DEPENDENCIES' blue master
2021-05-27 Tobias Sachsv0.17: search caseless for '@@CUST'
2021-03-01 Tobias Sachs0.16: do not modify a comment more than once
2021-02-08 Tobias Sachs0.15: fix links to work items found in commitmessages...
2020-12-18 Tobias Sachs0.5: - fix size of search box
2020-12-18 Tobias Sachsset serachbox with to 200
2020-12-18 Tobias Sachs0.4: - improve position of search box
2020-12-18 Tobias Sachs0.3: filter results by committer name
2020-12-16 Tobias Sachs0.14: also check html property of comments
2020-12-04 Tobias Sachs0.13: Allow to manually insert changeset comments,...
2020-11-02 Tobias Sachs0.12: also fix "Resolved with changeset" comments
2020-11-01 Tobias Sachsversion update test...
2020-11-01 Tobias Sachsremove debug output
2020-11-01 Tobias Sachsadd update urls
2020-11-01 Tobias SachsSkrip to inject Changeset comment search
2020-10-15 Tobias Sachsfix regexp for later attached changesetst
2020-10-15 Tobias Sachswait longer, to make sure all(?) data is loaded when...
2020-10-15 Tobias SachsRevert "fix comments in Bugs opened via mention email...
2020-10-15 Tobias SachsRevert "increase version"
2020-10-15 Tobias SachsRevert "typo"
2020-10-15 Tobias Sachstypo
2020-10-15 Tobias Sachsincrease version
2020-10-15 Tobias Sachsfix comments in Bugs opened via mention email notification
2020-09-01 Tobias Sachsconvert #Bugnumber to links, highlight comments for...
2020-08-21 Tobias SachsRevert "version update test"
2020-08-21 Tobias Sachsversion update test
2020-08-21 Tobias Sachs0.9: update download/update URLs
2020-08-17 tshebafix typos/formatting
2020-08-06 Tobias Sachsfix work item tampering
2020-08-06 Tobias SachsMerge branch 'master' of github.com:tsheba/tampermonkey...
2020-08-06 Tobias SachsAdd link to Changeset in diff view
2020-08-05 tsheba...
2020-08-05 tshebaversion
2020-08-05 tshebaadd download url
2020-08-05 tshebaversion again...
2020-08-05 tshebafix update url?
2020-08-05 tshebaversion update
2020-08-05 tshebaadded update url
2020-08-05 Tobias SachsAdd initial version