descriptionmy .vim folder
ownerTobias Sachs
last changeFri, 8 Apr 2022 09:37:24 +0000 (11:37 +0200)
2022-04-08 Tobias Sachsfind vim config dir on win master
2022-04-08 Tobias Sachsforce 256 colors...
2022-04-06 Tobias Sachsadd pls
2022-04-06 Tobias Sachstypescript
2022-02-17 Tobias Sachsremap 'run file' to <leader>x
2022-02-17 Tobias Sachsremove accidentally commited patchfile
2022-02-04 Tobias Sachsdo not hide files in netrw
2022-02-03 ts@example.comSupport ranges in FixCsharp Func; Improve line move...
2022-01-21 Tobias Sachsfix hide dotfiles in :Ex
2021-12-17 Tobias Sachsvsvim: unmap asyncomplete tabcompletion
2021-12-17 Tobias Sachsadd lsp; map <Up>/<Down> to move lines up/down; map...
2021-10-18 Tobias Sachsmappings to move selections up/down
2021-10-18 Tobias Sachsfirenvim plugin configuration
2021-10-18 Tobias Sachsnevim compatibility
2021-08-25 Tobias Sachsdo not ignore whitespace in diffs
2021-08-25 Tobias Sachsonly enable quickscope highlighting on keypress
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